Uttara Parekh is a young entrepreneur with background in branding, marketing, and design. Her belief in good design and designers translated into an American online marketplace, called Neon Earth that connects designers and customers to create their own product designs for selling, personal consumption and gifting respectively.


Neon Earth


Defining Brand Voice And Personality
Product Description
Packaging Design
Website and Packaging Content


Neon Earth, like all startups, started on a tight budget and limited resources. While it aimed to create an inclusive community, it couldn’t afford to hire models for a photoshoot and visually connect to its target audience. We used a popular data point to turn the case around.


We leverage the Paw-Purratzi. We all know how popular pets are, and loved, offline or online. We made pets the face of the brand and gave it the most unapologetic, confident and witty tone of voice.


With the print-on-demand service space being ruled by some of the top brands online, we wanted to ensure Neon Earth doesn’t look like a me-too brand and had a distinct voice and positioning.

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